Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday Makeover: Mascara Dating

Hey guys

It’s the first Monday Makeover and what better way to start than with a make-up bag staple and item most frequently reported as the answer to the “if you could only use one item of makeup what would it be?” question*.  Ladies and gentleman (gentleman, stop reading now) I give you mascara AND it’s lover: eyelash primer  (two products in one Monday Makeover, Who's that girl? is spoiling you today).

*I may have made that up, but I’m convinced it would be up there on the list.

As a girl with short lashes I have given a lot of effort to finding a mascara that ticks all the boxes: volume, extension, curl, not clumpy - you know the deal.  I don’t mean to brag, but I have tried many many different brands from $$$$ to $$ to $.  I love that moment when you think you’ve found *the one* but a couple of weeks later you become dissatisfied and anxiously wonder: "is there a better one out there?" (Much like dating a romantic partner perhaps) …And the hunt continues with highs and lows (i.e. Benefit BAD Gal)

Well I’m currently floating on a mascara high and must share this with the rest of you – hopefully this will pick those of you in a lash-depressed state up and into a lashfull** euphoria.  

Lashfull euphoria in pictures:

Maybelline Falsies and Clinique Primer. The dating is over... two become one! A love story that makes  Who's that girl?'s heart sing. 

Yes, I know two products might seem like a cheat, but does that really matter if the result is the lashes you’ve always dreamed of?

Clinique Lash Building Primer (£11)
This acts as a first coat to thicken and lengthen lashes. It also conditions and protects lashes (an added bonus!).  Apply liberally and really work those lashes and you will notice the volume and extension before your very eyes (quite literally).  Soon after purchasing the primer I forgot to apply it to one eye (it was not yet cemented in my makeup routine) and the difference was hugely noticeable!

Maybelline Falsies Volum' Express (£7.99 - but often involved in an offer at Boots or Superdrug)
This mascara has a unique spoon shaped brush which shapes the eyelash covering corner to corner and lengthening and curling them to the heavens!  Even before the primer romance this mascara was high up on my list of top mascaras.  It is clump-free and lengthens, volumises, intensifies and curls like never before!  

Application tips: 
  • Apply the primer immediately followed by the mascara (obvs - no one wants white lashes!)
  • Apply one eye at a time or the primer dries and it’s harder to work with!
  • Do you guys know the blink trick? Whilst applying the primer and the mascara – hold the wand to your eyelash and blink quickly and repeatedly – this works wonders on the old length factor!
  • Apply Falsies with the spoon side upwards and repeat until you've got those show-stopping lashes!
  • Makeup faux pas: Forget curling before - I finish off with an eyelash curler!

That’s all guys! I would love to hear your reviews on this combo – so drop me a comment once you’ve tried and tested!  

Lots of lashfull love,

**NB: LASHFULL [lash-fuhl] adj. to be full of lashes (obvs!)

P.S. Come back tomorrow for Tuesday Shoesday where Who's that girl? will be blogging on a pair of wedges that you will want to get your hands on! 

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