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Who's that girl? is brought to you by Naomi and Chelsea.

Naomi was bridesmaid at Chelsea's wedding in May 2012

We have been friends since high school (over 10 year ago now!) and have always shared a love of all things fashion and beauty - as well as a love of blogging. We even had our own 'geocities' website (who remember that?) back in 2002 - we were so ahead of our time! 

Our styles are different but overlap so we hope we can bring an ecclectic mix that will appeal to most of you. Whilst we blog together and take it in turns to write different posts, we are individuals so it's only right you get to know more about us seperately....

Hello! For me this blog is an outlet to express my love for style and beauty. Having been living on a student budget for 4 years I was beginning to feel somewhat restricted in my ability to be apart of the fashion world so, I wanted to blog to re-inspire me and reconnect me with my fashion loving roots.  Even in the beginning weeks of blogging I have come to learn to be more creative with the recycling of my wardrobe staples thanks to Thursday Three-way and pay more attention to my clothes as a whole. I love Saturday Splurge as it enables me to dream and I love Sunday Save as it allows me to 'splurge' ;-)  I hope this blog is as much of an inspiration to you as it is to me! 

Despite a restrictive student budget, one thing that I don't hold back on is makeup.  I convince myself that I can spend £40 on foundation or a pore serum because "I wear my face everyday".  I also love a good splurge on accessories - bags, scarves and jewelry mainly.  Again, my justification is that these are wear-more-than-once items and I consider them to have the ability to propel an outfit into excellence.

My interest in fashion stemmed from the OC days when I loved everything Mischa Barton. I even went to meet her at a Keds shoe launch in Selfridges in 2007! I can assure you that those days are behind me and now I take inspiration from a variety of our well-loved TV icons and celebs/royal family.  E.g.  I like a bit of the classic and sophisticated Kate Mid look, the pretty and girly Blair Warldorf style, the glam rocker-chicness of Serena van der Woodsen and the cute, eclectic and slightly edgy style of Keira Knightley. 

Taking my interest in clothes one step further, I'm currently writing a thesis on clothing in the context of psychology (clothes are important in every discipline don't you know?!) so you might find me incorporating some theoretical fashion related deets into the blog. Basically, this eliminates the guilt I feel for writing the blog instead of the thesis ;-)

I hope you enjoy our blog! 


Hey Everyone!

I was so happy when Naomi suggested we started blogging together as it combined two things I really loved; fashion and writing. The timing was perfect as I had been blogging about my wedding plans throughout my two year engagement so felt a bit lost once all the wedding planning was over!

I would describe my style in 5 words as:

  • simple: I don't like to over accessorize
  • pretty: I am a girl and like to look like one
  • unconventional: I'm not afraid to try different things (that doesn't mean I pull it off!)
  • edgy: I don't like to over do the girly - I'll add some shoe boots or a boy's T to an outfit
  • changeable: Depending on the weather, my mood, my age, what I'm doing I can have totally different looks

I would say my style icons are those girls that can work the classic with a twist look like:

Alexa Chung

Zooey Deschanel/Jess New Girl (the lines are blurred)

Chloe Sevigny

So I guess that sums up a bit about me and what I like fashion-wise! I'm not set in stone with my style and as much as I love to look out for trends and stay up-to-date, I'm not a slave to fashion!

Other than that, most of my time is spent chilling out at home, watching films or getting crafty! And of course hanging out with my husband and playing with Beau and Lola, my bichon frise dogs:

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and getting to know me more!


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