Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas Presents Edition

Hey guys!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and are now getting excited for NYE!  As a nosey parker, I have enjoyed reading other blogger's posts about their Christmas gifts, so I thought I would do one for our fellow nosey readers! These are some of my fave presents:

First up is a gift from my brother - A Ralph Lauren (his favourite brand) Newbury Shopper. I was shocked by the colour of this bag when I first opened it (a sort of lime-green/yellow), but I have grown to love it. I took it for a day out in Cardiff and it received lots of compliments! It reminds me of Blair Waldorf and the pop of colour she adds to her outfits. This is certainly a pop of colour! The smell of leather is divine and I love the embossed crest. All in all - good work brother! 

(He purchased the bag in the states, but it can be found in a not-so-daring colour at John Lewis

As you will discover, there was a bag theme to Christmas this year... I also received this Marc by Marc Jacobs  Ziplocker Sophie bag. I really wanted a cross-body bag and this was a perfect size and shape for my needs! There is a slight retro feel to this bag with the burnt orange and brown colours and gold hardware. Needless to say, I love this bag! 

Whilst searching for the cross-body bag of my dreams, I also fell in love with this Steve Madden black studded satchel. I think it looks really expensive and is a great size for an evening out when you just want to be hands free! I have tried to find a link for you, but have discovered that it is now sold out everywhere! A popular little number! 

Next up are some Bertie Chelsea Boots in a rusty red suede with black elastic. These have a perfect heel for me (most people would not even consider this to be a heel) and are really comfortable (whilst trying on - they have yet to be sprayed in preparation for this washout weather!). These also seem to be sold out so I cannot provide a link, soz!

The next present is a must-have Christmas perfume set - ChloĆ©! I have had this scent before and absolutely love it! I think having a body lotion in the same scent is essential! It is long-lasting and empowers the scent! I love the box that it came in, perfect for storage of jewellery, nail varnishes etc. Also, I have now decided I love the name ChloĆ©. 

Stepping away from the beauty/fashion presents, I also received this iTrip. I heard of these transmitters years ago and thought that they were illegal. But it seems like they are now totally legal. Basically you download an app for your iPhone which searches for a radio station which you then tune your car radio to and viola music straight from your iPhone/iPod played through your car speakers. A great present which will save time burning CDs that's for sure! 

So that's a summary of my favourite presents! What were yours? 

Love Naomi x

Friday, 30 November 2012

We're back!

It's been fair to say that this blog has been a little... lacking these days! Well that's about to change starting from now!

Naomi has been busy (and still is) finishing her doctorate in clinical psychology and I've been finishing (and only 2 more days to go) my degree in Business and Management - not to mention working full time. As you can imagine, the blog can be quite a distraction as we'd both much rather be writing fashion and make up then the stuff we are writing about!

To celebrate my nearly finishing my degree, I spent last week in sunny Vegas! The temperature was a perfect 22C and I had the time of my life shopping, eating and drinking just a little too much! From the minute I hit duty free at Gatwick I was on a spending spree so I thought I'd share a few purchases with you...

I picked up this Chanel foundation at duty free. I bought by last one back in April before my wedding and it is my very fave foundation. I ran out just before I went to Vegas but held out for the duty free bargain. It gives great coverage, lasts all day and comes in at least 10 shades. I got mine in 42 beige rose.

I also got a new Dior bronzer. This is my fave bronzer - it's a good colour and has just the slightest hint of a shimmer! Perfect for lifting you from the winter blues!

Finally, I got a new Dior masacra - this time actually in Vegas rather than at duty free. It was only $28 dollars which is a complete bargain compared to £30 in the UK. Now, Dior mascara can be confusing as there are so many options. This one is Dior Show Black Out which comes with a super thick brush for extra volume. I have the stumpiest lashes and this really does improve volume and length. I have tried Dior Show New Look which has a super thin brush that lets you get right into the lashes but I think I prefer the thicker brush option!

Now, I could hardly visit Vegas and stop by one of its many Victoria Secret stores (there's one in Miracle Mile, at Planet Hollywood, one in the Forum shops at Caesar's palace, one in Fashion Show Mall and one in the Palazzo Shops - all on the main strip). As well as buying some new underwear (and you should deffo get measured as I was squeezing into 2 sizes too small without even realising!) I also bought some new perfume. As soon as you walk past the shop, the smell entices you in. It was so hard deciding what fragrance I liked best but in the end I opted for Tease which has a sweetish smell to it and is a fruity blend of vanilla, pear, apple and lychee with hints vanilla and jasmine. It also comes in the cutest old fashioned bottle with a puff dispenser. Deffo retro glamour!

There are some real bargains to be had in America if you opt for American brands. For me, Paul Smith and Ted Baker are best saved til you are back home but by fave designer, Marc Jacobs, is a discount heaven!
I managed to contain myself a little and just bought a new jumper and some little bracelets.

This long sleeve knitted jumper has a slight pink hint through it as well as a little sparkle - perfect!

These little bracelets were just $30 for the three. They are pretty basic - just coloured elastic with little trinkets - like little friendship bracelets. I may even give one to Naomi if she books her ideas up and moves home like a good friend would!
Finally, I was a very spoilt girl in Tiffany. You can expect to pay $100 for every £100 which works out well - especially if you are splashing out! I have always wanted a pair of simple, classic earrings that I can wear every day. I am very lazy with jewellery and always forget to put it on or change it so to have some earrings that I can just keep in that go with everything was a must. And what goes with everything better than diamonds?!
These simple studs are from the Diamonds by the Yard range and are about 6mm across. They are set in platinum and are soooo sparkly!
So that concludes my shopping spree in Vegas. Keep checking over the weekend for our outfit rundown and guide on where to shop, eat and drink!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Wish List

Hey guys

It has been forever and a day since we last blogged - please accept out apologies we have been really bogged down with uni work, but I decided to take a little break from my work and write a blog post!

I am stepping outside of our themed day structure to share with you what I am lusting after at the moment! I can accept (with struggle) that until I get a job or unless santa really exists and really loves me it is unlikely that these items will be mine, but I think it will help to talk about them.

So first up is the Mulberry Effie Satchel 
I have been longing for a satchel/across the body bag for agessss and I absolutely love this new mulberry design. With a detachable strap it is like two bags in one! They have it in all different colours, but I really like this 'Bark Brown Velvet Suede'

Secondly I can't seem to get over this Return to Tiffany Bead Bracelet. I have a larger Return to Tiffany bracelet but don't wear it anymore as I find it too in your face, so I really like this tiny one!

As I had to give up my desire for a puffa I have kept my eyes peeled for a winter jacket.  Does anyone else feel like winter has been kinder to us this year? I know the leather sleeves are a bit overdone this year, but I like that isn't the entire sleeve. 72% wool too, so will keep me warm when the snow arrives.

Somedays I wish my existing 2008 MacBook will give up so I can have an excuse to buy the MacBook Air, but it's still going strong and for this reason, Macs are definitely the way. This is just beautiful...

Back to fashion related items, I want these River Island Ankle Boots. I never ever ever buy black boots because I always prefer the tan/brown version so I really need to just buy some black boots! These ones have taken my fancy.

Last, but not least I want a bob like this...

I have been growing my hair for four years and it is practically at the length I have always dreamed of, and now I want a bob... Why does this happen? I have the slowest growing hair in the history of mankind so this is a massive decision to make, but i recently bought Babyliss big hair and unfortunately on my long massive hair it didn't really work very well, but on my mum's bob it was absolutely amazing and I think this is what has swayed me! Most people are advising against because they have heard my woes over the last four years of hair growth and probably cant take much more. What are your thoughts? To bob or not to bob? Have any of you bobbed and regretted?

Obviously there are a million other things I want right now but these are top of my list! What are you lusting after at the moment?


Ps I will be reviewing lots of new beauty items (By Terry Touche Veloutee, Lancome Hypnose Drama, Rimmel by Kate Lipstick, Dior skin care, Babyliss wave wand etc etc) in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned! 

Monday, 8 October 2012

Monday Makeover: Matte Nail Varnish

Hey guys

This is just a quick post to share with you my new favourite beauty item. I was reading a beauty blog and came across Rimmel Rock Your Colour Glitter Top Coat and was intrigued, but as I googled it, I also came across Rimmel Pro Matte Top Coat and this appealed to me more! I love glossy nail varnish - it is one of my favourite things about a Shellac manicure, but I also love the concept of matte nail varnish so I immediately went out and purchased it. 

I had just painted my nails No7 Devils Delight which is quite a glossy bright red. I painted the top coat over and within a minute it had dried matte. I was really impressed.  Unfortunately I didn't think to take a before picture, but I have an after picture here:

I'm not sure how long this has been around but I hadn't heard of it before. I love the glossy alternative! 

Naomi x

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Sunday Save: Warehouse Sale

Warehouse are having a great sale at the moment, so I thought I'd share with you my favourite items... warning: leopard print heavy.

I always take notice of the composition of items as it makes a great difference to the look. This dress is 100% silk, so will look expensive and classy - no shiny polyester/viscose here! I love the print and the colours. For the Winter months you could wear this with thick opaque tights and a chunky knit cardigan which will contrast well with the silk. The orange will cheer you up on a gloomy day.

Plain white tees are a wardrobe must have, but why not jazz it up a bit with beaded shoulders. 

I love the design on the cutwork on this top, it is quite gothic - again this spices up another wardrobe essential - the black top! 

Canyon Print Dress £70 £40
I tweeted about this dress when it first came out. I just love the colours. Have you been to the Grand Canyon? Surely this is the best souvenir? Well, in fact, you would be a walking souvenir!

Not your traditional AW colours but sometimes you just need a bit of light in the dark winter days. 

Animal Peplum Top £28 £17
There is not much to say bout this except for it is just a much needed leopard print peplum. 

I really like the design of this jacket - not just a boring shaped blazer but has some slouch and rouching.

I have this belt from a past season, it is really versatile and can add goodness to what could otherwise be a boring outfit.

Topaz Ring £6 £3
I realised that bling didn't feature enough on our blog considering we both love sparkly accessories. The colour of this ring is perfect for Autumn. 
This is a bargain - glam up your look with this leopard print stole - it would look great teamed with a leather jacket and some biker boots.
There are plenty more items on their website which I encourage you to check out! I find that sizes go quickly in Warehouse sales, so don't leave it too late to make your purchase!

Love Naomi

Saturday Splurge: Ugg or ugly?

This week’s splurge is not your straightforward ‘here’s something expensive now go and buy it’ post! It focuses on a dilemma that has been haunting me for some time – do I cross over to the dark side and buy a pair of Uggs?

When Uggs first arrived on my radar a few years ago I was totes confused as to why any self-respecting fashion lover would put the boots on their feet! They were clumpy, stumpy and seemed to be the ultimate chav accessory. You couldn’t open a magazine without seeing some z-lister with trackies tucked into them! I was disgusted!

A few friends bought some, my own sister bought some and I was still in shock! They raved about the comfort, the warmth, the sheepskin softness but I thought no amount of snuggliness was worth the ugliness!

Then, about 12 months ago, I slipped on my Mum’s (yes, even my mum has succumbed to the Ugg) to pop to the car and I was in heaven! So soft, so cosy! Uh oh! I was converted!

I dismissed the feeling, tried to move on, convince myself that a thick pair of socks and some cute ankle boots were just as good but deep down I knew this was a lie! Nothing could compare to the love of the Ugg!

So a year on, and with my mum now asking for her boots back, I have accepted that I need a pair of my own in my life. I will never, ever, stoop so low as to tuck in my trackies (not publicly anyway) but I have convinced myself that with some skinny jeans and chunky knitwear that Uggs are the sensible winter option!

They’ve really diversified too and so there are a range of colours and styles to choose from:
I like this tall boot and love the button details. It's shown here in sand but is also available in 5 other colours. I have heard that you need to be careful with the buttons as they aren't too secure but I do think they add an element of style to a plain boot.

Classic Short £165

The classic Ugg and the ones I have been borrowing from my mum in Chestnut. They come in 9 colours including some colourful Rum Raisin (lilac), Deep Perriwinkle (royal blue) and Pineneedle (forest green).

Mini Bailey Button (£150)

These do look a bit like baby shoes but I can assure you they are for adults. I think they are real cute - I love how the lining co-ordinates with the rest of the boot. These too come in a selection of bright colours.

There are loads of more daring Uggs in sparkles, silver, leather etc but I don't feel I am ready for these! I think I will be opting for a Chestnut pair so just deciding on whether it's the Bailey Button or Classic!

Love Chelsea x

Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday Focus: Blonde Blonde Blonde Hair

Hey guys

So I have been wanting to turn my brunette hair blonde for some time now, but always panic because of the many different shades of blonde out there and not knowing which one suits me best, and even if I did choose one that suited me, whether this could be achieved. But next Thursday I am booked in for an appointment... I have warned my hairdresser that "I'm going blonde". The last time I was there (February - yikes) she talked me out of it (knowing that I visit the salon twice a year max!) and I ended up with dip-dye! I must say that dip-dye/ombre is a convenient option as you obviously don't get any root issues whatsoever, hence why I haven't been to the hairdressers for 8 months! This is also another issue with blonde - maintenance - something I'm quite concerned about!

Well anyway, despite this, I'm still going blonde, the thought has been lurking for a year now and I just need to get it out of my system! I have been blonde a couple of times before - but the last time round was over some red hair and it was just not a good blonde. It made me aware that some shades of blonde are bad (brassy, eww) and so I have been researching pictures in order to be able to fully inform my hairdresser of the blonde I'm after. There are literally millions of shades of blonde so picking the right shade is vitally important. 

The main thing you need to consider when going blonde and choosing a shade of blonde is your skin tone.  Nicola Clarke creative director at John Frieda said this "As a rule if you're fair skinned then bright, bold blondes - even platinum shades and ash tones are the most flattering. For medium skin tones you should keep it a little warmer, with golden tones, anything too light will drain the complexion. If you have dark skin, go for blonde tones and again avoid going too light". 

So let's look at some examples of this:

Medium Skin: Blake has a a medium skin tone aka she is tanned all year round, so she has more of a golden, honey blonde which complements this. 

Similarly, Jennifer Anniston also chooses more caramel and honey shades of blonde due to her medium complexion. Both Blake and Jennifer have lighter strands which frame their face. It is important to consider things like this!

Fair Skin: In a blog post on blonde hair, how could we not mention our favourite Legally Blonde star Reese Witherspoon. She has a far paler complex to Jen and so her hair colour is much lighter mixing platinum and ash blondes. She has a few darker shades pulled through her fringe. The bright blonde and bright blue eyes look amazing - bringing me to another point: it is also important to consider eye colour when thinking about the right shade of blonde for you. Often fair skin tones and light eye colours look better with a lighter blonde (i.e. Reese) but fair skin tones with a medium eye colour can mix lighter and medium blondes (i.e. Fearne in the pic below).  

Fearne Cotton also has a fairer complexion and so she opts for a more platinum coloured blonde but adds in a few medium blonde highlights to add some depth and richness to the colour. 

Taylor Swift chooses more of an ash blonde to complement her fair skin.

Beyonce successfully pulls of blonde hair with her darker skin by opting for a rich caramel blonde.

As seen in these celeb pictures it is possible to vary lighter and darker shades of blonde with different coloured highlights. Your hairdresser will more than likely mix two-three shades of blonde into your highlights so it is important that you make your wishes clear with your hairdresser - pictures are always helpful. 

Another thing to consider when going blonde is that the colour can start to look dull after a few weeks, so it is important to consider purchasing new shampoos specifically for coloured/blonde hair. I can recommend Herbal Essences' Ignite My Colour which I wrote about here and Chelsea also provided us with some great tips on reviving blonde hair in her blog post here. Check it out.

Finally, you will need to reconsider the make-up that you use to complement the new blonde hair i.e. it is probably time for new shades of blushes/lipsticks/eyeshadows. The best solution to this would be to visit a beauty counter at a department store and ask the make-up artist to test out some different colours for you.

Well I hope this has provided some hair inspiration to you all! I'll post a picture of the transformation on Thursday! Ahh I'm a bit nervous!

Naomi x