Friday, 30 November 2012

We're back!

It's been fair to say that this blog has been a little... lacking these days! Well that's about to change starting from now!

Naomi has been busy (and still is) finishing her doctorate in clinical psychology and I've been finishing (and only 2 more days to go) my degree in Business and Management - not to mention working full time. As you can imagine, the blog can be quite a distraction as we'd both much rather be writing fashion and make up then the stuff we are writing about!

To celebrate my nearly finishing my degree, I spent last week in sunny Vegas! The temperature was a perfect 22C and I had the time of my life shopping, eating and drinking just a little too much! From the minute I hit duty free at Gatwick I was on a spending spree so I thought I'd share a few purchases with you...

I picked up this Chanel foundation at duty free. I bought by last one back in April before my wedding and it is my very fave foundation. I ran out just before I went to Vegas but held out for the duty free bargain. It gives great coverage, lasts all day and comes in at least 10 shades. I got mine in 42 beige rose.

I also got a new Dior bronzer. This is my fave bronzer - it's a good colour and has just the slightest hint of a shimmer! Perfect for lifting you from the winter blues!

Finally, I got a new Dior masacra - this time actually in Vegas rather than at duty free. It was only $28 dollars which is a complete bargain compared to £30 in the UK. Now, Dior mascara can be confusing as there are so many options. This one is Dior Show Black Out which comes with a super thick brush for extra volume. I have the stumpiest lashes and this really does improve volume and length. I have tried Dior Show New Look which has a super thin brush that lets you get right into the lashes but I think I prefer the thicker brush option!

Now, I could hardly visit Vegas and stop by one of its many Victoria Secret stores (there's one in Miracle Mile, at Planet Hollywood, one in the Forum shops at Caesar's palace, one in Fashion Show Mall and one in the Palazzo Shops - all on the main strip). As well as buying some new underwear (and you should deffo get measured as I was squeezing into 2 sizes too small without even realising!) I also bought some new perfume. As soon as you walk past the shop, the smell entices you in. It was so hard deciding what fragrance I liked best but in the end I opted for Tease which has a sweetish smell to it and is a fruity blend of vanilla, pear, apple and lychee with hints vanilla and jasmine. It also comes in the cutest old fashioned bottle with a puff dispenser. Deffo retro glamour!

There are some real bargains to be had in America if you opt for American brands. For me, Paul Smith and Ted Baker are best saved til you are back home but by fave designer, Marc Jacobs, is a discount heaven!
I managed to contain myself a little and just bought a new jumper and some little bracelets.

This long sleeve knitted jumper has a slight pink hint through it as well as a little sparkle - perfect!

These little bracelets were just $30 for the three. They are pretty basic - just coloured elastic with little trinkets - like little friendship bracelets. I may even give one to Naomi if she books her ideas up and moves home like a good friend would!
Finally, I was a very spoilt girl in Tiffany. You can expect to pay $100 for every £100 which works out well - especially if you are splashing out! I have always wanted a pair of simple, classic earrings that I can wear every day. I am very lazy with jewellery and always forget to put it on or change it so to have some earrings that I can just keep in that go with everything was a must. And what goes with everything better than diamonds?!
These simple studs are from the Diamonds by the Yard range and are about 6mm across. They are set in platinum and are soooo sparkly!
So that concludes my shopping spree in Vegas. Keep checking over the weekend for our outfit rundown and guide on where to shop, eat and drink!

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