Saturday, 6 October 2012

Saturday Splurge: Ugg or ugly?

This week’s splurge is not your straightforward ‘here’s something expensive now go and buy it’ post! It focuses on a dilemma that has been haunting me for some time – do I cross over to the dark side and buy a pair of Uggs?

When Uggs first arrived on my radar a few years ago I was totes confused as to why any self-respecting fashion lover would put the boots on their feet! They were clumpy, stumpy and seemed to be the ultimate chav accessory. You couldn’t open a magazine without seeing some z-lister with trackies tucked into them! I was disgusted!

A few friends bought some, my own sister bought some and I was still in shock! They raved about the comfort, the warmth, the sheepskin softness but I thought no amount of snuggliness was worth the ugliness!

Then, about 12 months ago, I slipped on my Mum’s (yes, even my mum has succumbed to the Ugg) to pop to the car and I was in heaven! So soft, so cosy! Uh oh! I was converted!

I dismissed the feeling, tried to move on, convince myself that a thick pair of socks and some cute ankle boots were just as good but deep down I knew this was a lie! Nothing could compare to the love of the Ugg!

So a year on, and with my mum now asking for her boots back, I have accepted that I need a pair of my own in my life. I will never, ever, stoop so low as to tuck in my trackies (not publicly anyway) but I have convinced myself that with some skinny jeans and chunky knitwear that Uggs are the sensible winter option!

They’ve really diversified too and so there are a range of colours and styles to choose from:
I like this tall boot and love the button details. It's shown here in sand but is also available in 5 other colours. I have heard that you need to be careful with the buttons as they aren't too secure but I do think they add an element of style to a plain boot.

Classic Short £165

The classic Ugg and the ones I have been borrowing from my mum in Chestnut. They come in 9 colours including some colourful Rum Raisin (lilac), Deep Perriwinkle (royal blue) and Pineneedle (forest green).

Mini Bailey Button (£150)

These do look a bit like baby shoes but I can assure you they are for adults. I think they are real cute - I love how the lining co-ordinates with the rest of the boot. These too come in a selection of bright colours.

There are loads of more daring Uggs in sparkles, silver, leather etc but I don't feel I am ready for these! I think I will be opting for a Chestnut pair so just deciding on whether it's the Bailey Button or Classic!

Love Chelsea x

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