Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday Shoesday: Emergency Wedges

I thought I'd kick-start the Tuesday Shoesday posts with what I believe are a staple shoe that all girls should own - the wedge heel. What I love about wedges, and I don't think it's a secret, is that when I want height but know it's going to be a long day, I can rely on them (most of the time) to be a comfortable option.

They're great for a day out shopping, work and recently I've found them to be ideal for weddings - an all day affair that is probably going to involve walking across grass; with the wedge, you can stride across that lawn with confidence knowing you will not be suffering the same sinking fate as the stiletto wearing guests.

These wedges were in fact an emergency purchase (not the kind of emergency purchase you make up to justify to your boyfriend/parents/friends*) but an actual emergency purchase. A shopping trip began with a quick brunch: fizzy drink was spilt, worked its way down legs, sticky puddle formed inside cute brogues - that old story!

*delete as appropriate

And so what choice did I have than to run to the nearest shop and purchase a pair of new, beverage free shoes to wear for the rest of the day? I actually did the thing you do when you're 5 and insist on wearing the new shoes out of the shop...

Forever 21 was my saviour that day (talking of which - who's excited for their extended Oxford Street store?) and their comfy wedges ensured I could continue to shop 'til I dropped for the duration of the day (the wedges and half a packet of wetwipes).

I'm not the only one who loves a good wedge as these celebs show...

Leighton Meester in Pierre Hardy colour block wedge

Rachel Bilson opts for casual look in wedge boot

Katy Perry keeps it quirky in Guiseppe Zanotti

So, whether it's a wedding or shopping or you're just picking up a casual MTV award - which wedge would you wear?

Sending you a huge wedge of Love, Chelsea x

Picture credits: Leighton Meester from STYLEBISTRO
                          Rachel Bilson from FABSUGAR
                         Katy Perry from FootCandy

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