Monday, 27 August 2012

Monday Makeover: Silver Shampoo

This week’s Monday Makeover comes with a difficult confession. Who’s that girl? believes in total honesty with our readers and so we feel it’s best to deal with this issue now so we can all move on. Please, sit down. Now, you may have seen the pictures of me on the Thursday Three-Way – proudly flaunting my platinum blonde locks. However, and this is hard to admit, I am not a natural blonde. There, I said it. You know. For 6 years now I have been having my roots bleached every 4-6 weeks to erase all trace of the mousey brown that is desperately fighting it’s way out.

Ok, ok. It’s really not that much of a shock. Who actually has platinum hair? Apart from Malfoy obv?

I am sure I am not alone in the bleaching world and so this post is dedicated to assisted blondes who want to keep their hair looking icy/ashy/white/platinum and not yellow/gold.

You know the amazing feeling of stepping out of the salon without a trace of roots and that perfect post-toner blonde? However, you probably also experience the slight dulling a few washes later and then the roots start to creep through and you tell everyone for the 1000th time you’re sick of blonde and are definitely, definitely going back to brown next time (just me?)

However, I am here to share a way of at least combatting the gold tones (I have no cure for roots but am always interested if anyone else has any suggestions?!) with the magical powers of silver shampoo you can keep the brightness for longer.

Silver shampoo is actually a deep purple/blue in colour (be careful of shower curtain staining/carpet staining if you are particularly enthusiatic with the application). It works to neutralise yellows and bring out the vibrant white Debbie Harry style.

My fave is Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde shampoo. In a salon this is about £10 but I am sure you can get it online for cheaper (I have in fact just discovered they do 1000ml bottle). I found this shampoo had the most instantly noticable effect on me and really brought out the colour – it also made my hair look pretty glossy which is difficult on platinum blonde.

You must be careful not to use it daily as it will eventually give your hair a lilac tint (unless you like the blue rinse look?) but used once or twice a week will keep your colour looking fresh.

Another silver shampoo I rate is Schwarzkopf Color Freeze Shampoo. I find I can use this one about 4/5 times a week without any blue appearing in my hair. I would say it is more of a daily shampoo so you go through a lot of it.

I’ve also recently discovered a really cheap silver shampoo called Touch Of Silver Daily Maintenance available in Boots for about £2, which, as the name suggests, can be used daily. They often have it in a 2 for 3 so I get the conditioner and either the twice weekly shampoo (which I think it much more effective than the Daily Maintenance) or the dry shampoo too (I love dry shampoo as I find it also lightens by roots when I reach week 4!).

I would consider myself quite the connoissuer since I have been blonde so long, have used a wide range of colour shampoos and wash my hair way too many times a week. However, I am always on the look out for the best blonde shampoos so if you have any suggestions please let us know!

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