Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Save: A fairy tale ending

Hey guys

It is no surprise that Who's that girl? has nominated the unemployed student to do the first Sunday Save, but what a privilege it is to share with you this sweet fairy tale!

Let me set the scene... it was NYE dress shopping time and I came across and fell in love with one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen: Monsoon's Etienne dress. Unfortunately with a £150 price-tag I had to put it to the back of my mind (with absolute force and determination) and recycle an existing outfit for NYE (the story of my life).

Over the following months the Etienne has popped up in my dress searches and I have lusted (even tried on one occasion) and walked away from its gorgeous nude/pink colour, intricate silver embroidered lace design and dropwaist... probs bad for a dress to experience so much rejection.

Anyway it's time to speed up this fairy tale... fast forward a couple of months to August and I've got that nagging feeling that I need to find a dress for an upcoming wedding but it had not come to the point where I had began searching yet - so you won't believe what I'm about to tell you*: I just so happened to pop into Monsoon and what do I see? The Etienne dress in the sale rail at a bargain price of £49 - what a reduction! I immediately grab it to confirm my belief that it will be a size 16 (with an ounce of hope that it won't be!). In this moment, I am overcome by a rush of excitement, delight and happiness  as I read "size 10".   I head straight to the fitting room.  You may be wondering why I needed to retry the dress, well my weight fluctuates like a yoyo so I had to confirm size 10 was still suitable (to be honest I probs would have bought it anyway and made it suitable!).  It is with sheer joy that I can confirm that it fitted like it was meant to be :)

But wait, the fairy tale gets even sweeter: with hindsight I can see that Etienne was saving herself for a beautiful wedding rather than a messy NYE, where in fact I spilt a whole glass of red wine down my white top and the Etienne would have been massacred.  It totes deserves more than that!

*this story has been totally predictable from the start

Here she is:
(picture taken from:

I know you might be thinking that the dress is totes last season's stock, but this has a timeless vintagey feel to it, don't you agree?

I intend to wear the dress with nude Ted Baker heels and a nude Aftershock clutch (courtesy of my mom). 

I hope that I have instilled some belief in you that fairy tale endings aren't only made for the movies. Believe for your fairy tale ending today :)

Lots of love,

NB To experience your fairy tale ending with the Eitenne dress get to a Monsoon quick - stocks are low! 

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