Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tuesday Shoesday: Sparkle Sparkle

Welcome to this week's edition of Tuesday Shoesday!

Before I begin I need to clarify a few points:
  • Firstly, I am 5'10 and you can count the number of heels I own with your very own fingers and nothing else.
  • Secondly, the heels I own are 2 inches or less (although a recent bridesmaid shoe took me to 3 inches - and let's just say I couldn't feel two of my toes for a week!
  • As a result of this 'height issue' I will predominantly be showcasing flats (The fellow 5'10ers rejoice and the 5'9ers or less think 'boooring').
Maybe I am boring? Maybe I need encouragement and reassurance that I won't look like a misplaced giraffe from Who's that girl?  readers!

So now let me begin - of course there is a story to tell!  Who's that girl?  loves a story!

This story involves fellow Who's that girl? girl Chelsea, who had come to London for a meeting - one of her fave activities (after shopping of course!)  But on this day Chelsea combined the two! She was in heaven... but it felt like hell: unfortunately Chelsea was dressed for winter on a warm sunny day in London.  Despite me sending her a picture of the blue skies, she was overcome with caution due to the torrential rain and grey skies that she woke up to in her hometown!

Anyway, of course this meant that Chelsea had to buy some new shoes to relieve her from the heat circulating under her leather knee length boots (NB this is not the first time Chelsea has had to buy some emergency shoes on a visit to London. Last time she wore 5 inch heels - totes inappropriate for a shopping trip in London! And not to mention the "emergency wedges" she shared last week. I think we are getting the gist of Chelsea's shoe addiction).

So we find ourselves in Topshop's shoe department and we simultaneously gasp with delight as we see the sparkliest shoes we have ever seen! We immediately try on and fall in love.  

Million Glitter Ballet Pumps (£20)-  a name that captures their true essence, although let me assure you that these do not look like glitter has been poured onto a glue covered shoe leaving a trail of glitter everywhere you step.  Rather the glitter is interwoven within the fabric - have a zoom and you'll see for yourself!

Chelsea told me that the colour and sparkle thread was just like her Jimmy Choo wedding shoes (ask Chelsea how many wedding shoes she had!) and this quite frankly sealed the deal.  We were straight to the counter - a pair each, and we have never looked back.  In fact we have been doing some forward thinking and have decided to purchase another pair for when ours are worn to the ground from incessant wear!

If you love sparkle you need to welcome these eye-catching shoes into your life! And get two pairs whilst you're at it! 

Lots of sparkly love,


PS did I mention they were totes comfortable from the word go- a unique selling point in the shoe department I'm sure you'll agree! 

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