Monday, 13 August 2012

Welcome to Who's that girl?

Who's that girl? Well, that would be telling! But then we suppose a blog is all about telling so we'll let you in on the secret! Who's that girl is actually two girls. Two girls with a passion for all that is pretty in the world of fashion and beauty and who love to share their thoughts - which is good for you otherwise this would make for a very dull blog!

Based in the UK, we will be taking a look at the latest bargains, fashion must haves and luxury lust after items each week and sharing with you all that we love. By scouring the highstreet and the Internet we hope to be your source of information on the latest trends and give you ideas of where to find and how to wear your new purchases.

We love all kinds of style from deluxe designer to hip high street and of course, brilliant bargains (we're also big fans of alliteration - can you tell?) so we hope to bring you an ecclectic mix. If you're anything like us, your wardrobe is probably a mix of all of the above - and if you're really like us your wardrobe is probably stuffed to bursting point and completely disorganised! Oh how we long for Mr Big to come along and build us a replica Carrie walk-in!!

We aim to bring you regular daily features but please don't be mad if we miss one - think of the excitement you have on Christmas Eve as you eagerly eye the shiny paper under the tree. Waiting for one of our posts is pretty much guaranteed to create the same mixture of anticipation and excitement followed by utter joy (we hope to keep the home-made sweater posts to a minimum!)

Another thing we love is comments! We're just two girls who love fashion but that doesn't make us the experts so we're always excited to hear what you think too. If you like what we've done or if you have a different idea, recommendation or suggestion then let us know - but be nice (to us and each other!)

So that's enough about Who's that girl? We hope you enjoy the blog!

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