Monday, 24 September 2012

Monday Makeover: Hair Time and a Mascara Update

Happy Monday to everybody! I hope you are all managing to stay dry in this horrific monsoon weather, but if like me your umbrella blew inside out and your hair has been exposed to the dampness, then read on, as today's blog post provides you with some weapons to ensure that you win the battle against rain-induced frizzy poof!

Today I am going to run you through my favourite hair products at the moment. 
NB: these products work well on my hair which is long, thick, coloured and dry. 

So my routine starts with Herbal Essences Ignite My Colour Shampoo and Conditioner.  This shampoo and conditioner (separate bottles, not a 2 in 1!) works wonders on my fairly subtle ombre effect hair colour. It makes the blondey ends extra colourful rather than some shampoos which makes it look like I've just got serious growing out issues.  It is a true reflection of it's name, so if your hair colour feels dull and needs a boost, this is for you! Also, as with all Herbal Essence products it smells absolutely delicious. Another bonus is the price - it is cheap and is always involved in some sort of deal somewhere! I've noticed that this seems to be the most popular Herbal Essences shampoo/conditioner and is always sold out first!

Following the wash I apply two products: 

Firstly I run Organix Moroccan Oil through the ends of my hair. It is a lightweight oil used to seal in moisture and prevent heat damage. This is my favourite product at the moment. Another good smeller which makes my hair feel so soft and shiny. Be careful not to add too much or apply to the roots as it could cause a serious grease issue.

Secondly I add Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep, another brilliant product for taming frizz and creating smooth locks. This product is made from all natural ingredients and claims to defend from humidity (or in our case damp air) for 12 hours. I can vouch for this as I used it when I was on holiday in the Caribbean and I could not believe how un-poof my hair was! 

It might seem weird to use both products - but I can't tell which one works better and together I think they cover all bases for frizz control, rejuvenating dryness and protection!

Now, on a non-hair related note you may remember my post Mascara Dating. Well I was perfectly happy with the combination that I shared with you (it would seem that I like to combine products), but then I received a sample of Clinique High Impact Mascara and I have to say that it trumps Falsies. With the Clinique Primer and this Mascara my eyelashes look amazing! It is a new winning combination! It's time to upgrade the make-up bag girls!

I hope that I have provided you with some helpful hair product knowledge, and sorry about the change of mascara so soon - it was unexpected for me too!

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