Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tuesday Shoesday: Black Shoe Boots

So this is a bit of a boring post but it is practical so I won't apologise! Many of our regular readers will know that I have been searching the the perfect pair of black high heeled shoe boots ever since I had to send my beloved ASOS Tweedy pair off to shoe heaven! I am still kicking myself that I didn't purchase another pair when they were still available as they were only about £40, good height, good style and soooooo comfy! However, I must move on so have narrowed the choice down to the following options:

Miss Selfridge Benji Black Shoe Boot £40


  • Price - down from £50 in the sale
  • Heel height - just perfect
  • Platform - small platform means more comfortable (usually)

  • Zip at back - I have another pair like this and the zip digs in or causes holes in tights
  • Design - pretty plain

Miss Selfridge Bling Bling Black Embellished Boot £55


  • Design - love the sparkles on the back
  • Good heel height
  • Side zip

  • Design - bit blingy for day wear
  • They just don't LOOK comfortable!

Aldo Frosacc Studded Shoe Boots £85


  • Design - love the studs on the back - very Sam Edelman
  • Heel height - not too high
  • Boot height - I like how it will sit low on the ankle like proper shoe boots

  • Price - more expensive than the others
  • Design - too dressy?
  • Price - you really can'to go wrong at £28
  • Style - hidden platform for comfort and cool heel
  • Not sure the thin heel lends itself well to all night comfort
  • Look a bit chunky due to the hidden platform
  • Oasis is my shop of the moment as I can vouch for their high quality boots
  • They look comfortable (although I cannot verify this!)
  • Slightly more expensive than the others
  • Not sure on the pointier toe
So these are the ones that make my short list after weeding out too chunky, too skinny, too cheap, too expensive, too much detail, too plain, too much of a boot boot etc. etc.
As you can see, I'm not really any nearer to finding my perfect pair and I may have to accept that I need two pairs! I am drawn to the Aldo ones (always drawn to the most expensive :-() but then maybe I can get a more basic pair too?! What a predicament!
Lots of suggestion seeking love,
Chelsea x

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