Monday, 10 September 2012

Monday Makeover: Chanel Soleil Indentite Facial Self-Tanner

Hello everyone!

I don't know about you but despite the recent heatwave, as the darker evenings are upon us I'm beginning to feel a bit concerned about the impending winter months! The winter weather can cause havoc on our skin with the central heating and bitter winds sucking the moisture from our skin and the grey skies and moody clouds draining every ounce of colour from our face! Are you all feeling depressed now? Well... don't be, because thanks to Chanel we can combat these issues toute suite!

Back in May, following a trip to visit my brother in the Caribbean, I purchased Chanel Soleil Indentite in an attempt to keep my face as bronzed as it was after three weeks in the Caribbean sun! I had never used a self-tanner on the face so was slightly anxious about orange streaks, but I had read some good reviews about this product and it seemed easy to apply.  Well, I'm so glad I didn't let my nerves put me off as this has been one of the best beauty purchases I have made. It has kept me with a golden tan throughout the summer (as we all know we can't rely on the sun!) and I feel confident that it will keep me with a glow throughout the autumn/winter/spring months to come! 

The product comes in two shades: Golden and Bronze. I read reviews and spoke to the Chanel beauty assistant and everyone seems to root for the Bronze colour.  It didn't disappoint me.  It came out as a rich colour and blended well with my skin tone and tan (at the time!) looking like I had a spent the day in the sun - totes natural!  As with most fake tanners you can apply more regularly to build the colour or less frequently if you just want a hint of colour! 

Chanel Soleil Indentite Perfect Colour Self-Tanner Bronze at Boots £29
(I always try to buy products like this at Boots as it keeps your Advantage Card topped up!) 

I apply the product at night and make sure to wash my hands thoroughly after application. The product is a creamy white colour,  goes on easily and smells like cupcakes! I have never had a streak problem and I don't take particular care in applying - I just apply like I would any facial moisturiser! It dries really quickly and adds moisture to the skin. 

To make the decision about which shade to use think about what shade you turn when you tan in the sun - does the sun turn you more of a goldeny yellow or more of a bronzed brown? If you are still not sure, you could ask your Chanel beauty assistant for samples.  

So there we have it. Winter, we show no fear armed with our Chanel Soleil Indentite! 

Lots of sunny love


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