Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tuesday Shoesday: Head Over Heels for Charlotte Olympia

We have been a little conservative the last couple of weeks on Tuesday Shoesday with ballet flats and ankle boots; whilst we all know practicality is important, sometimes we just can't resist a killer heel! This week is dedicated to Charlotte Olympia's Fall range (I couldn't possibly pick just one style) of truly irresistable shoes!! Please note however, that irresistable doesn't mean affordable - but it doesn't hurt to dream!!

Charlotte Olympia has quickly become a celeb fave being spotted on everyone from Kate Moss to SJP to Emma Watson to Dannii Minogue. Trademark 6" heels and a 1.5" platform give a distinctive look - along with the daring designs. And as their twitter page reads - "the higher the heel, the better you feel"!

So, allow me to introduce you to Arabella; a colour clash marvel with cute bow detail, maximum platform and super high heel! I am not convinced on the comfort level - maybe I need someone to buy me a pair so I can test them out - but I am well and truly convinced on the style level!!

It's not just the heel height that's eye-watering - at £605 a pair these bad boys aren't cheap but I am willing to overlook that. I love how colours I wouldn't usually put together have been teamed up and the bow on the front is too cute!

Next up, we have the stripy Priscilla! Now, I have always been cautious of mixing red and pink but somehow this works!! They remind me of Willy Wonka's factory for some reason!

I love stripes (more on that to come this week!) and I love how bold this shoe is! If you don't feel you are brave enough for this super bright pair, the stripy Priscilla is also available in a more conservative, but still amazing, black and cream or pale blue and white. Alternatively, you could get really daring with the rainbow stripes! You could treat yourself to 2 pairs if you had a spare £1290 lying around - that's right £645 a pair. It's like having a delicious meal right in front of me but I know I'm on a diet! I could eat it, I would definitely enjoy it but could I live with the guilt?!

Finally, the most delicious meal shoe of all!! It's the Priscilla again but this time she is appearing in all her glittering glory!!!


Super high heel, glitter, turquoise trim - is this the most beautiful shoe ever made? Quite possibly!! I am just devastated as I know it will never be mine!!! But I can look at pictures, or maybe visit the shop and even touch it?! Maybe that's just too tempting for me!! It is also available in Wizard of Oz style ruby red!
All of the above shoes are available at net-a-porter but Matches, mywardrobe and direct from the Charlotte Olympia website.
If, like me, you too can only dream of adding one of these pairs to your shoe collection, you might like to try one of these more affordable pairs in a similar style:
Lots of wishful thinking
Love Chelsea x

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