Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wednesday Winners: A Wintry Edition


We know that Wednesday Winners is a firm favourite amongst our readers so we hope that you like this week's Winter edition. As we have been reaching for the thermostat this week, we have also been seeking out our favourite winter must haves, for it seems that the cooler temps are here to stay!

Naomi's Picks:
So after announcing my love for the puffa jacket a couple of weeks ago I have received a string of abuse from my friends and family. One 'friend' informed me that purchasing a puffa would give him the right to call me Bianca Butcher (from EastEnders), now I don't watch EastEnders but I had a google and concluded that this is sad, but true - he would have every right to call me Biancs!  So with a heavy heart I have accepted and mourned the loss of the toasty sensation that could have been this Winter and carried on my search for a comfy but fashionable Winter coat. 

For this week's Wednesday Winners I am presenting to you my top 5 (warning: no puffas allowed) 

Reiss Lois Soft Blue Oversized Jacket £245
I love the style of this pea coat. The oversized cocoony look is a big trend this AW and it seems like it would be really cosy (almost as cosy as a puffa?!). 78% wool will definitely keep you toasty too! Pair this up with skinny jeans to contrast the size proportions. I also think the pale blue colour is an amazing pretty colour for Winter - step away from the glum grey/black/navy and brighten up your day with this coat! You must!

H&M Fake Fur Jacket £34.99
I love love love the colour of this fur. I would say that this jacket is more for aesthetics than functionality as I doubt there is much of a warmth factor to this! 

Topshop Navy Bound Seam Duffle Coat £89
A duffle had to make it in to the top 5! A classic coat that is always good to have in the wardrobe. I love the checked lining of this Topshop one. Did you know that the name derives from a town called Duffle in Belgium, where the Duffle material originates? Yep this is true, also, Duffle bags were orginally made from this duffle material.  

Whistles Jaime Animal Car Coat £295
You may have seen my tweet about this - I have been eyeing it up for a while. I have never heard of a car coat before, but I love it! I love the slouchyness and animal print is one of my favourite prints! 

Monki Mella Jacket £60
This coat is all about the colour! A gorgeous blue that is bound to stand out in the gloomy-ness of Winter! The collarless feature and shape make this an elegant little number! Wrap up and stay warm!

P.S. Don't fancy a coat? What about a coatigan? That's right, coatigan. 

Button Back Throw on Coatigan Throw on that coatigan and go...

Chelsea's Picks:

I feel I should apologise as I very much doubt I can throw in the casual historic fact as well as Bianca Naomi has but I do hope you like these wintry must have to accompany your coat!

1. Mulberry Jacquard Logo Scarf Pink Merino £120

I am probably not living in reality when I think £120 is good value for this scarf but it is MULBS!! My absolute fave! I can guarantee this will be the softest ever wool - there is nothing worse than an itchy scarf!! And it has pink on it. Perfection!

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Logo Print Umbrella £55

Umbrellas are a bit of a nightmare as they just blow inside out or make it hard for you to walk or see where you're going etc but I have faith that this one will be pretty robust. And it's a nice bright colour to cheer up a rainy day. Did you know that umbrellas were invented in a town called Umbrella where it rains every day of the year?*

3. Topshop Chunky Zip Leather Gloves £24

I love a nice pair of leather gloves; warmth, grip and moisture protection! Enough said!

4. Miss Pom Pom cable headband at ASOS £18

I'm not really a fan of hats as they totes mess your hair up but I think the headband is a good alternative! I love cable knit and your ears are sure to stay cosy! This one is pretty understated so will look great with almost any coat!

5. Paul Smith Fairisle Socks £17

I love these socks! The fairisle print looks a bit like little bunny rabbits going round the edge which is super cute!

*I have definitely made this fact up in order to compete with Bianca Naomi (coincidently, Bianca was mine and Naomi's fave school teacher ;-))

So now you have no excuse to be cold this winter!


Naomi and Chelsea x

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