Sunday, 30 September 2012

Monday Makeover: Face Haul

Hey Guys

I thought I would share with you a recent make up haul for face products. I spent a great deal of time researching products before my wedding by reading blogs and reviews and in the end bought the following products. I am sure there are cheaper products that do the trick but I am yet to research those so sorry for the price tags! However, I do love these products so much they're pretty much part of my regular routine!

So I took a trip to Birmingham and hit the make up counters. For the face, I think it's good to have a decent primer to make sure everything stays in place. Now, Naomi will moisturise before applying make up but I'm really bad and don't bother a lot of the time - I guess it's about doing whatever suits you!
I start by making sure my face is nice and clean and then using this Benefit primer:

Everyone loves Benefit packaging but what's good about this product is it actually works well too. That Gal gives a good base for applying make up, evens out minor blemishes (not generally to be used for this) and lasts for aggggggeeees - like months and months!!

Next, I cover up blemishes and spots with some concealer. I also use this under my eyes when my Bobbi Brown eye brightener runs out - which is pretty frequently as you'll know if you saw our post a few weeks ago!

There are a range of colours to match skin tone obviously and I would say this product offers a 8/10 amount of coverage. It does wear during the day though.

Next, I move on to foundation and this is my absolute fave ever foundation so I feel it is worth £30-£36 (depending how much you shop around).

The picture shows Chanel Pro Lumiere but it has since been replaced with Perfection Lumiere. It offers medium coverage, I have normal skin but I would say this would be better for normal/dry. It's not really oily or greasy but I can imagine it might be on oilier skin as it has a kind of gloss to it. However, you could always try...

Mac prep and prime powder. Now, this is a setting powder so keeps everything in place nicely - basically it stops your make up falling off your face throughout the day. It's bright white but appears translucent and also takes the sheen off any foundation. I also apply it after gel eyeliner as I find that can sometimes leave a mark on the upper lid but eyes are for another post...

So I hope you enjoyed the face post - we have so much more to tell you about cheeks, eyes and lips so keep checking back!

Chelsea xx

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