Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday Focus: The 90s are back

Apparently, the 1990's are back! It seems odd to me that they've been away long enough to warrant a comeback, or that they were cool enough to make a come back, but they're back.

During the 1990's I was aged 5-15 - so you could say that this was the decade in which I graduated towards developing my own style. However, it wasn't. The 1990's was the least cool decade for me. I was finally allowed to start choosing my own clothes but since it was the 90's this meant my biggest choices were what colour shell suit to wear (I picked purple and green aged 7) or what sports brand to go for (Kappa, Kangol, Ellesse anyone?)

Here are some other 90's trends I indulged in but would rather forget:

Hair wraps:

Me and my sister were literally obsessed with having these in our hair whenever we went on holiday. You paid by the inch and they were a nightmare when you accidently brushed through them. They didn't look good either!

Floppy hats

Not only did I love Tia and Tamera (has anyone seen their new reality show - it's amazing!) but I must have thought they were style icons too as these hats, adorned with matching flower, would have been right up my street aged 11!

Reebok Classics

Aged 13/14 I never would have thought about putting on a pair of sky scrapers - it was all about the Reebok classic for me! I didn't even opt for the subtle version like the ones shown above but went for a pair with a lime green design on! Nice!

Having just gone from blonde to brown, I had to go out and buy all new hair grips and ties to blend in with my new hair colour. Back in the good old 90's this wouldn't have been a problem as a giant, metallic scrunchie goes with all hair colours!! My favourite thing to do was to scrape my hair into a bun and use the scrunchie as some sort of decorative adornment around the bun!

Surely, these fashion disastors won't be making a come back? I'd be gutted as I have long since thrown away all traces from my wardrobe!

So, what parts of the 90's are worth bringing back?

Double Denim

Well, it's been creeping in for a while now but double denim is officially no longer a faux pas - when executed correctly!

This means that the head to toe stonewash of the 90's is out of the question! To avoid doing a Britney and Justin or looking like the cast 90210 (the original) you should make sure you pick contrasting denim:

Preppy Style

When it comes to preppy in 2012 you need to think Blair Waldorf and not Cher Horowitz! You can update the look made famous in Clueless by choosing more neutral colours and keeping the argyle and checks to a minimum. Olivia Palermo gets the look spot on. The jury's still out for me on knee length socks though!


Celebrities like Mary-Kate Olsen, Alice Dellal and Agyness Deyn are the epitomy of how to carry off the grunge look in 2012. Think oversized checked shirts, unkempt hair, ripped denim, biker boots and not forgetting lashings of eyeliner. You need to make sure you're a modern day version and not walking around like a Courtney Love wannabe - Taylor Momsen take note!

So there we have the Who's that girl? take on 90's trends! What do you hope to see making a comeback and what do you hope stays banished in the 90's forever? I've shared my 90's secrets so let's hear yours!

Love Chelsea x

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