Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesday Winners

It's that time of the week again! Wednesday Winners!

Naomi's Picks:

Topshop Embossed Leather Bag £35
Last weekend I visited Knole Park in Sevenoaks and made friends with lots of little deer that live there, so when I saw this bag it reminded me of the deer, and obviously Christmas! I am getting excited about Christmas already, is this a worry? I like the distressed leather and of course, I love an across-the-body number for hands-free ease!

Topshop Bead Collar Sweat £38
I know it's sad that the colder weather is upon us, but I love throwing on a sweater and getting cosy! I like this sweater for its baggy comfort yet collar glam. Perfect.

Ted Baker PAYGE Oversized Flower Shirt £169
When I see items like this I wish that I worked in a fancy banking office and was required to dress super smartly for work. I would have nowhere to wear this shirt but I love the extravagant flower and the moody colours.

Fred Perry Fair Isle Crew Neck Sweater £95
I love Fred Perry's classic look. 100% lambswool will keep you toasty during winter! Basically you need this sweater. It will look good with anything.

H&M Skirt with Sequins £34.99
This skirt is really pretty. On the website it was paired with a light pink cable knit sweater and the contrasting materials looked really good together.

Let me know what you buy!

Chelsea's Picks:

This week I was spoilt for choice finding my winners and very nearly featured 5 Reiss dresses! I finally managed to narrow it down to one Reiss dress and a selection of other items - in fact, it's a bit of an outfit!

As I said, I nearly had 5 Reiss dresses as they have such a good selection at the moment. However, I settled on this one for the winners as I love the classic black with a twist - the sparkle thred that runs through it. The cut is a bit unusual too.
I love Fred Perry (think it's Kieran's fault as it seems to be his brand of the moment) and I love coats (again, Kieran's fault - I've never known a boy with such a collection of coats!) This classic mac is timeless and has a 60's feel - which I also love at the moment.
I always forget about accessories when shopping online so made an effort to check them out for the winners. I came across this plaited bracelet on ASOS. This shade of blue (royal? cobalt?) is my fave shade right now and I'm sure it'll add a bit of interest to any outfit.
We all know I love a wedge but since seeing the Zara colour block heels I've been debating my next shoe purchase. This pair from Office may just be the best of both worlds - a wedge with a colour heel! And in pink - my fave!
I can sometimes be a bag snob (serious Mulberry addiction) but saving for one bag a year means I can miss out on the high street bargains. I love this jewel print clutch and think it'll be the perfect bag to brighten up the Reiss dress.
So there we have another week of picks - what do you think?

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