Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tuesday Shoesday: Oasis Metal Zip Ankle Boot

Good Morning Guys! Today I am in an extra good mood - not only because it's time for Tuesday Shoesday again but also because it's my birthday!! How appropriate that my birthday should fall on Shoesday!

As you get older, birthdays become a little bit bitter sweet. Whilst I hate the fact I'm another year older (well, technically only a day older than I was yesterday) I do LOVE the fact that I get presents! Who doesn't love presents? Especially shoe presents!

Now, I am very particular about gifts (a trait also shared by fellow Who's that girl? blogger, Naomi!) Whilst Naomi chooses to accept what she's given and then exchange it at a later date - sometimes for a preferable alternative, usually for cash value to shop elsewhere - I avoid the hassle by issuing strict instructions to my nearest and dearest in advance.

I realise this may be coming across as just a tad spoilt, I am actually grateful to anyone who has taken the time to choose me a gift, but I am sure everyone has found themselves in a situation of fake smiling and pretending the tiny ornamental umbrella/knitted peg basket/wide screen TV* they have received is just what they wanted!

*Just a selection of the gifts I have received from people who strayed from the list - the TV sounds better than it was!

So, this year I issued my list which included a lovely new camera, some Oh Lola! perfume and these cute boots from Oasis:

I love ankle boots but usually opt for black. I also only have either completely flat or high heels but this mid-heel is day-wear comfy whilst still giving me a little height.  These natural coloured ones also reminded me of the Isabel Marant Dicker boots which are so loved by Katie Holmes.

I plan to steal Katie's style and team with skinny jeans for a casual look. I will also be opting for some opaque tights and a dress/skirt as the winter comes in.

I can already see these boots will be a wardrobe fave for me so am contemplating buying another pair whilst Oasis are still offering 15% off! I don't want to be kicking myself (with my worn out boots) if they all sell out like I did with last week's Sparkle Sparkle shoesday!!

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