Thursday, 13 September 2012

Thursday Tutorial: Sunset Nail Art

Hey Everyone

You were probably expecting Thursday Three Way to appear - do not fret - it will be on its way later today so we thought we'd keep you going and give you your Who's that girl? morning fix with a simple but effective nail tutorial.

I first saw this in a magazine over a year ago and partially remembered how to re-create it. It's my first attempt at nail art and first time using a nail art pen so it's not perfect but I think with practice I can improve.

Here is the look I will be taking you through today - a sort of sunset with silhouette trees and birds and fluffy clouds:

To create this look, you will need:

To start with, apply a clear base coat. Next, add two coats of Models Own Bloo Bloo. Make sure you let each coat dry properly as you don't want it to be too thick or sticky. This shade of blue is nice and pale and looks like a lovely summer evening sky.

After the blue coats have dried, you're ready to apply the sunset effect. I used Models Own in Golden Peach. This was perfect as it had a slight shimmer to it which added to the sunset effect. I applied it at the tip and then wiped almost all of the varnish off the brush and dragged the varnish from the tip over the rest of the nail. This means the colour is most prominent at the tip and then sweeps across the blue, just like a sunset.

Again, allow this coat to dry thoroughly. Next up, comes the tricky bit - the nail art pen. Models Own are well known for their nail art pens and although I have no comparison, I did find these very easy to use. They also have the option of a super thin brush or a pen style nib. For the clouds, I used the tiny pen nib so I had ultimate control.

I just drew random blob shaped clouds - you don't have to be particularly artistic. In fact, I am pretty sure that even Naomi could pull this one off!
This layer dries quite quickly but make sure it is dry so it doesn't smudge when you apply the final details.
Finally, I finished off using the black Models Own nail art pen (again the nib end) to add some silhouettes of seagulls and a palm tree on the thumbs. If you are really arty, I have seen this done with dolphins diving out of the sea!
So there you have it, we'd love to see your nail art designs too!

Lots of love

Chelsea x

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