Thursday, 6 September 2012

Thursday Three-Way: These boots were made for walking

As you know I got some really cute Oasis ankle boots for my birthday on Tuesday so I thought I'd dedicate this post to showing you just how versatile they are. I also want to point out that despite last week's post confessing to my fake blonde locks, I have actually gone back to brunette after threatening it for ages! Hope you like the new look!

1. Birthday Dinner

This outfit mixes a pretty dress with casual boots giving the perfect smart casual look. I think it's ideal for a meal with friends when you don't want to be too dressed up but want to make an effort!

This dress is a vintage dress from Urban Outfitters renewal collection a little while ago. I love vintage as it means it's unique and this particular style is right up my street! I love the little cap sleeves and the print on the bottom half. The waist is elasticated (like I said, ideal dinner outfit) and has a little sparkle to it.

Adding opaque tights (I sometimes wear two pairs for blackest black) stops it looking too dressy - plus it's extra warmth as it get cooler. The blue Miu Miu shoulder bag completes the look.

2. Casual coffee

This next look is a pretty casual look so ideal for just running errends in the day, going for a coffee, taking a quick look around the shops. You could even walk the dog in it as the boots are so comfy!

Collar. Collar. Collar. I need to get that word out of my system. We try to bring variety at Who's that girl? but I have yet to beat this collar addiction! This cute sage green shirt from Topshop has a lovely vintage style floral print and buttons up the back. Add a pair of blue skinny jeans which sit nicely just inside the boots and a slouchy Mulberry Alexa and it's the perfect laidback look! My little dog Beau loved it so much she had to join in for a picture!

3. Band boots

I love going to see live bands and I often have to stand at crowded gigs. Whilst Naomi may moan (did you realise her name is 'I moan' backwards?!) about her 5'9" height, she doesn't realise what a benefit this would be at such a gig (she tends to avoid these kinds of gigs generally).

At 5'5" I need the extra benefit of a heel to see over the ridiculously tall person who insists on standing right in front of me. However, when you know you're going to be standing for a couple of hours, comfort is key. Therefore, these boots are ideal for such an occasion!

These black, skinny, Diesel 'Grupee' jeans are very rock 'n' roll with their distressed and paint spattered appearance (if one more person asks me if I've been decorating...)
I love the design on the McQ t-shirt - it's very Sergeant Pepper! The blue denim jacket - which I like to customise with button badges - prevents this becoming a double denim disaster by contrasting with the jeans.
Finally, you don't want to be carting around a huge bag at a crowed gig so this little Vivienne Westwood bag is just the right size for phone and keys and very granny chic!

As you can see, I am mad about these boots which are also available in tan. There are similar pairs available at Office too so I see a trend emerging! Now you've seen how versatile they are, can you really say no?!
Bootfulls of love,
Chelsea x

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